Web Drying Technology -
Air Flotation Drying

Whether drying coating or substrates, paper products, fiber webs, or metal strips on a cushion of air - Global Tech has an extensive history in the design and manufacture of drying systems to meet your most exacting production requirements. Using extensive computer modeling programs, our engineers can determine which drying alternatives provide practical and cost-effective drying solutions to the process application requirements.

Global Tech flotation dryers are engineered to meet the most exacting indusry standards with a range of nozzles that include air foils and hybrid systems.


  • Custom Designed Systems
  • One size does not fit all…Designed for specific  customer process applications
  • Wide array of nozzle arrangements
  • Multiple options for fuel sources
  • Designed for ta wide range of web widths
  • Integral or external equipment location
  • PLC controls or analog system

Non-Contact Drying

  • Contact-free drying with positive air pressure that uniformly supports the web
  • Reliable flotation that prevents web handling problems such as fluting and edge flutter
  • Ability to handle difficult materials

Energy Efficiency:

  • Superior heat and mass transfer that enhance drying making shorter drying lengths possible
  • Designed to operate with a minimum energy input per mass of solvent or water removed
  • Adding heat recovery will improve the operating efficiency even futher.