Air Turn Systems

Using air flotation technology, the Global Technologies air turn system provides a way to turn a coated web on the coated side through a angular part.  Operating in a non-contact fashion the proven air turn system floats the coated substrate on a cushion of air  through an angular path.

The system provides a stable cushion of air across the entire web width with the proven Global Technologies air bars.  Uniform flotation clearance and accurate profiling minimizing fluting and edge flutter while providing maximum web stability 

Global Technologies LLC Air Turns Provide

  • Wrinkle-Free Operation --By supporting the web on a stable air cushion, the natural dimensional changes in the web can take place without creases being formed into the web.
  • Sheet Width  Flexibility --Today’s applications require flexibility to accommodate wide web widths
  • High and Low Tension Capabilities --With the operating tension ranges varying, the air turn needs to be capable of handling various tension ranges.
  • Non-Contact Web Handling --To insure trouble-free operation without the possibility of contact and contamination of the coated surface.
  • Flexible Web-Turning Angles --With the wide variation of applications, air turns need to have the ability to accommodate “wrap” angles of 20 to 180 degrees.
  • No Drive System Required --sheet tension pulls web through air flotation cooler
  • Safety --no moving parts just air

Web Stabilizing Systems

The Global Technologies web stabilizer System is a means to provide a way to stabilize a web into a coating section or through an IR section.   Operating in a non-contact fashion, the system provides superior web stability. 

Using the Global Technologies flotation nozzle, the system develops a sinusoidal wave that “grabs” the web by creating a beam stiffness that restricts vibrations inherent within the web. 

Employing a Global Technologies LLC web stabilizing systems following an IR dryer, results in increased evaporation potential. The result is increased drying potential which translates into increased machines speeds and additional production.