Focused, but Flexible

The drying industry is changing, because everything is changing. Global Technologies is accustomed to looking at your problem a little differently. Sure, we develop industry-leading equipment. But we'll exhaust every other option to enhance your existing line before we sell you any machinery.

Web drying isn't new. In fact, a web dryer isn't too much more than a bunch of nuts, bolts and bent sheet metal. But it's how we apply process technology that makes or breaks a drying line.

Aside from our vast pilot facility experience, we've spent the last 30 years perfecting the industry's leading diagnostic tools. Our proprietary technology allows us to run intervals based on existing data, then shift variables and evaluate more effective scenarios.

We guarantee we'll provide options. Our objective, comprehensive report will fully analyze your problem, explain the root of its cause, and detail the steps to correct the situation. We'll introduce an easy-to-understand analysis your entire team can support.

The ability to help lots of people is the basis for our continued growth in our industry. Contact Global Technologies today for a unique perspective.