Web Cooling Systems

Manufacturing a quality product is very important and producers are under increasing pressure to improve the coated surface to meet printability and appearance requirements. 

While drying plays a critical role in this effort, an efficient and effective cooling process is just as important to produce a quality product.  Recognizing this need, Global Technologies has developed an air flotation cooler which allows increases in line speeds while requiring minimal floor space.  

Operating in a non-contact fashion, air flotation cooling systems provide two sided cooling and provides an efficient and economical method of lowering web temperatures 300 to 500F with surface contact. 

The expanding variety of surface coatings and growing product sophistication in the galvaneal and galvanizing markets has resulted in the need for more advanced cooling configurations.  Using the proven performance of Global Technologies nozzles, we are able to offer a non-contact web cooling system which not only effective but efficient. 

Using evaporative cooling air flotation coolers will not only cool the coated web but will often times lower the sheet moisture by ½% or more allowing the machine to be speeded up to maintain an exit sheet moisture level. 

Global Technologies LLC Air Flotation Web Coolers Provide

  • Compact design which allows flexibility in “tight” applications
  • High thermal efficiency:  minimum length and horsepower requirements
  • Positive web stabilization throughout the cooling process.
  • Elimination of problems due to backside picking
  • Simplicity—no expensive maintenance intensive water chiller required
  • No drive system required—sheet tension pulls web through air flotation cooler
  • Economical installation
  • Safety—no moving parts just air
  • Reduced Capital---less than a chill roll stand with a chiller system.